Goodyear's Big Barn
Weddings - Banquets - Picnics - Parties - Meetings - Reunions
Rent Per Day / 10:00AM - Midnight / Out BY Twelve
Maximum Capacity is 150 people

Goodyear's Big Barn now has Air Conditioning for your summer comfort
April 1st - October 31st
November 1st - March 31st
$400.00 per day
$450.00 per day
- Holidays additional fee -
Damage and Clean Up Deposit
$100.00 - returned on Wednesday following event providing clean up is satisfactory and no damage is done.
Method of Pay
$100.00 due to hold date - NOT REFUNDABLE. Remainder is due one month in advance of date rented.
If cancellation during month prior to date, ONLY clean up and damage deposit refunded.
ONLY flame retardant materials can be fastened on walls, tables, and ceilings with masking tape.
NO tacks, staples or other such fasteners..
Hot Food
Must be brought in hot - 3 hour time limit for maximum of 5 roasters, crockpots, etc. for keeping food warm.
(Buffet, gift, dining) and chairs - set in hall by renters choice.
Liquid Refreshments
NO GLASS containers of pop, beer, or wine coolers. Must be in cans, on tap, or plastic.
MUST remain in barroom.
Clean Up
Decorations and tape removed.
Tables, chairs, bar and shelves cleared.
Refrigerators and freezers emptied. All rubbish put in dumpster.
All items belonging to renter (includes all music equipment) removed from building.
General sweeping of floors.
If alcohol served - restrooms completely cleaned.
Area outside of hall and parking lot cleared of litter.
Late Charge
Late charges will apply after 12:15 AM
Goodyear's Big Barn does not offer catering services

We appreciate your interest in our facility, and we would like doing business with you. While we hope
your guests will enjoy themselves while attending your function, we
MUST insist that they remain
within a reasonable area surrounding the hall.
The animal barns, barnyard, and pastures are
Thank you for your co-operation and understanding
D.K. Goodyear
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